We provide end-to-end picture post, from media management, dailies and editorial, through to colour grading and QC. At each stage we combine world class technology with exceptional talent.


vision theatre

DaVinci resolve UHD HDR theatrical colour grading suite

• 4K Christie CP4325-RGB laser projector - the only grading suite with one in the Southern Hemisphere

• Sony UHD HDR BVM-X300 monitor

• QSC theatrical 7.1 cinema speaker array powered by QSC power amplifiers and Core processors

• Dolby IMS2000 media server


online 1 - 4

UHD Avid & VFX finishing suite

• Sony BVM reference monitors 

• LG UHD client monitoring 

• 5.1 audio monitoring


grade 1 - 4

UHD HDR Colour grade suite

• DaVinci Resolve UHD HDR colour grading suites

• Sony BVM-X300 monitoring 

• LG UHD client monitoring

• 5.1 audio monitoring

theatrical & episodic vision/audio qc


• UHD and HD Baton automatic error detection 

• Specialised QC operators 

• Netflix approved

creative comfort…

Our edit suites are designed to enable maximum creativity and seamless workflows. On-site engineering support and 40GB Fibre connects your media to a customisable, secure NLE workspace.